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Summer is here, are you ready for vacation?


Business owners need a break now & then. Ask us about painless options for payroll automation so you can vacation carefree knowing that your employees are taken care of.  

Staying afloat in the shrinking talent pool


I came across an interesting tidbit in the Austin Business Journal today. According to research conducted by the Austin based job posting site; there has been a significant reduction in the available talent pool from 2009 to today. Full details and a copy of the report are available here: Back in the darkView Full Post

How diverse is your client base? Time to review your client portfolio.


A recent discussion at the MSYS headquarters revolved around the dangers of client homogeny. Even for very specialized niche businesses, it is important to monitor and strive for clientele diversity. Careful planning of your customer base can be a valuable protection measure during industry based seasonal or economic fluctuations. How well protected is your clientView Full Post

Small business owners veer off course, faulty auto-pilot to blame.


These days you can hardly throw a rock without hitting a news story about the chaotic loss and havoc caused by pilot error. As a small business owner you may think that this only applies to transportation; but as the “Captain” at the helm, it’s important not to leave your business on auto-pilot. Folks goView Full Post

Job Costing: To be or not to be?


Lately, I’ve been hearing this term “job costing” being thrown around. Which has me wondering, what is this “job costing” nonsense? Is this something I need to learn about? Job costing is the tracking of expenses incurred on a job versus the revenue produced by the job. It is a very important metric for savvyView Full Post

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