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QuickBooks, why does my payroll have a mind of its’ own? PART 2

Do you ever get the feeling that your QuickBooks payroll is an evil spirit set on thwarting your efforts at every juncture? You’re not alone, everyone who has ever used QB Payroll Center has had a tussle. In this two part series, we will be visiting the second of two common issues that can make payroll processing more of a pain than it has to be.

If you have ever accidentally processed a direct deposit for the week AFTER you meant to, you know how inconvenient it can be when your scheduled payroll date advances of its’ own volition. This phenomenon usually occurs when changes are made to paychecks through the Payroll Center screen. Poor old QuickBooks, it thought that you were ready to process the NEXT payroll when you went back into the Payroll Center to correct a data entry error on a paycheck. It just wanted to be helpful and thought it was doing you a favor by automatically advancing the date.

To get your employees paid THIS Friday instead of next, you will need to reset the scheduled payroll date. From the Payroll Center, pull down the “Related Payroll Activities” menu and select “Add or Edit Payroll Schedules”. Highlight the week you want to change, pull down the “Payroll Schedule” menu, select “Edit Payroll Schedule” and enter the correct dates. Make sure you save your efforts by clicking “OK”.

To avoid unintentional schedule changes in the future, make payroll corrections through the Employee Center, which can be accessed from the menu and icon at the top of the screen or can be accessed through a navigation tab in the Payroll Center. Go to the specific employee that needs the edit, and open the actual paycheck that needs updating, edits can be made directly on this paycheck.

Triple Word Score Tip: Any changes made to paychecks in the Employee Center prior to sending the direct deposit info will be automatically picked up in the direct deposit transmission.