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Expert-Sourcing/Business Support | Technology Automation & Training | Business Management/Consulting

Expert-Sourcing/Business Support

Rate: Fixed Monthly Fee (quoted per client)

My Staff, Your Staff Expert-Sourcing services are designed to act, feel, and be the “Forever Worker” you need in the initial stages of your business, as well as for those companies that are unable to provide quality benefits, and unable to retain good employees because they leave for better opportunities.

Bookkeeping, Administrative, Back-Office Support. Data entry, Check writing, Reconciliations, JE’s for:

  • Accounts Payable –Bills & Payments.
  • Account Receivables –Invoices & Collections.
  • Payroll –Pay checks, HR & Tax reporting, etc.
  • Financial Statement –Printing, reporting, reconciling.
  • Construction –Job Costing, Certified P/R, AIA, Draw Schedules, Margin Sheets, etc.

Technology Automation & Training

  • Certified Expert in QuickBooks and Peachtree Software.
  • Researching, Installation, Implementation, Training.
  • Design and Process Re-engineering to properly manipulate Data Entry into software.
  • Ensure that Data entry meets Clients needs in reporting and efficiency.
  • Microsoft Office Suites or Industry specific Job Costing modular software.
  • Project Management for Networking, Intranet portals, websites and Paperless environments.

Business Management/Consulting

  • Internal Controls, Inter-Company Process Re-engineering, Temporary/Acting Controllership.
  • Infrastructure and Start-up Development, Policy Development.
  • Trend Analysis, Budgeting, Forecasting, Business Plan Development.
  • Funding Pro-Forma’s, Brain-storming and researching.
  • Project Management for Corporate Capital Acquisitions, Policy Implementation.
  • Recruitment Services (Recruitment only provided for Expert-sourcing clients who have outgrown us and need us to find, train and deliver qualified employees).